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How to find a good gift for an Eagle Scout?

How to find a good gift for an Eagle Scout?

The Eagle Scout Court of Honour is a momentous event where friends and family come together specifically to honour the young man’s years hard work and achievement. On such an epic day, a heartfelt gift is a great way to mark the occasion.

Finding the right present for the ascendant Eagle Scout could be tricky. You’d want your gift to be thoughtful, so here are things you need to decide on:

1) Themed vs General Gift?

There are plenty of amazing Eagle Scout-themed gifts. You may check your local Scout shop’s catalogue at and buy merchandise online. But since they don’t have everything, you may check out a Scout shop associated with your local Boy Scout council. The profits go back to support local Scouting.

But while Eagle Scout merch is great, you’re probably not the first one to give them a themed gift. There’s always the option of going with a general gift you know they have their heart set on. 

2) Would they need something practical?

Eagle Scouts are trained to be ready at all times, so they might actually appreciate gifts that they can have practical use for better. Outdoor items like a new tent, backpack, hiking boots, and similar are valuable stuff they can use for years to come.

3) What will help them remember the day?

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is often the only high school accomplishment that is listed on his resume regardless of his age, and they’ll be proud to put that honour on display. You can give them an item like a display piece they could hang on the halls of their living room.

4) How should you know what gift is best?

You have to remember that price is not everything and sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free. You could be inventive and give them truly unique and creative gifts, but treating them to something they may not buy for themselves could also be a good idea.